Where is a free app that connects people with services that move.  You can get it from Google Play by using the QR code above or search in Play for "Where cuegroup".  You can also download Where for Android from here.  Sorry, no iOS yet.

Where helps people find Food Trucks and other itinerant services.  Say a Food Truck parks at different locations each day, and perhaps moves during the day.  Where allows hungry consumers to find their favorite truck, and also see what other trucks are within their range.  It is not just limited to food vendors, anyone can sign up for free and be found.

Customers who want to find vendors typically do not need to sign in.  Where shows them the vendors in their area, or at any other selected area.  Customers get to see a map with icons showing active vendors.  The map can be zoomed and panned to any other location.  Clicking on a vendor icon will display additional details.  Even more details can be obtained by clicking through to the vendor's web page.  Directions are available by car, walking, biking or public transportation.  Users may add vendors to their favorites list or search for vendors matching their needs.

Users can view recent feedback on the vendor and also add their own feedback.  A key feedback is whether the vendor is actually at the location or not.  Adding feedback will require some form of user authentication.

Where does not support direct communications with vendors, and users cannot place any orders.  Again, there is no fee involved, for vendors or customers.

Vendors will need to sign in to update their information. They have a choice of using Google, Facebook, email, phone, etc.  Where will not store any login or email information and will not share any information with anyone.  See our privacy policy.

Vendors can configure and update their:

            - Service Name

            - Service Type  (food truck, ...)

            - Brief blurb (~40 chars)

            - Brief description (~500 chars)

            - Web page URL.

The Name, Type, Blurb and Description fields can be searched for keywords by customers. 

The device automatically determines the vendor's location, but vendors can also manually override their location.  Once set up, vendors just need to set their Opening and Closing times.  Vendors may also set their weekly schedule for automatic publishing of their times & location.

The curious can read about some tech details here.